Customised pieces

My personalised service will provide you with everything you need to order customised hand-painted tableware, mugs and tiles.

Both the design and colour range will be exclusively tailored to your specifications. You may already have a great idea for a project, or you may need further guidance. Let´s work together to create the perfect design!


Find your favourite piece...

I tell you a story in each of my mugs. They can take you on a beautiful journey or fill your moments with nature, butterflies, flowers and birds, evoking a sense of magic...

Ceci is like those small musical boxes: when you look at it, it might look like the others, but when you open it, it fills you up with music, beauty, hope and joy.

To put it in a nutshell, she can transform a simple cup into a masterpiece.

I met her one day when celebrating a very special and dear friend of ours. I saw Ceci, and I immediately knew I wanted her in my life forever.

She was born on a sunny morning of August in Cordoba, Argentina. Her mum, Martha, taught her how to do nib painting when she was nine. She never imagined that, with time, that quill would turn into her magic wand. She is the mother of Agustina and Julian.

Although life initially took her towards a more conventional path, her creative and artistic essence kept beating strong and was yearning to come out. And so, it has now been 22 years since Ceci started painting on any surface that came her way: a piece of cardboard, paper, glass… Any piece of furniture would be perfect to let her magical impulse take over and make her feel alive and happy.

And, one day, she met the love of her life: porcelain. That smooth white shiny canvas turned out to be the perfect place to capture her deepest dreams and craziest ideas. The ink, pigments and oils that constitute the alchemy of her work are the support of all her creative work and the engine awakens her inner child on each new challenge.

At the end of 2020, she dared leave her comfort zone to discover new places, worlds, and people. Today, she paints and creates her magic from the UK.

After seeing her beautiful art, seating at a table anywhere around the world with a steaming cup of tea or coffee - designed and painted by Ceci - can become the happiest and shiniest moment of your day.


  • “I was given this mug as a present by a good friend who loves design and it is now my favorite mug, the most beautiful one I have, and it is my private luxury for each cup of coffee."
    Laura Robbins
  • “I bought one of your mugs for my mother´s birthday. The incredibly detailed hand-painted illustration is just amazing! Whenever I need a special gift, I know where to find it.”
    Lukas Wolff